We are not processing patient applications at this time


What you need to get your medical marijuana card:

1. A Doctors Recommendation from a doctor who is a specialist not a general practitioner, they must be on a certifying board that falls under the appropriate licensing entity. 

2. Proof of Oklahoma Residency & Proof of Identity

please review what can be used for these here:


An Oklahoma Drivers License or State ID are the best to use and can be used for both Residency and Identity.

3. An Email address that you know the password to and can access from a mobile device or our computers (Outlook email addresses we cannot log onto our computers) If you do not have an email address we can assist you in creating one for an additional $5.

4. A VISA, DISCOVER OR MASTERCARD to make your online only payment to the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority . A Prepaid card may be used but you must activate it yourself for online purchases more than 24 hours prior to your appointment with us. Do not bring an inactivated card, we will not activate them for you and we will have to reschedule your appointment.

5. (Optional) If you are enrolled medicare, medicade or soonercare bring your current card.


How much does this cost?

A Doctors recommendation typically costs $50-$200 in the Lawton area, there are doctors who may have cheaper rates or specials they set their own fee and this is entirely at their discretion. 

You will have to pay the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority when you submit your application online, this MUST be paid with a VISA, DISCOVER, OR MASTERCARD. 

The regular fee is $104.30 

If you have Medicare, Medicade or Soonercare your fee will be reduced to $22.50

Our fee for application assistance is $30 to scan your documents, fill out your application, take your photo and upload them to the OMMA, which can be paid with cash or card 

Make sure you follow the instructions carefully

We have filed over 400 applications for Oklahoma medical marijuana patients who have received their cards. We have seen many things that can cause patients to get delayed approval or rejections of their applications. We are currently not filing patient applications. This is just information for you to complete your application. 

Last but not least! Do not fold, crease, write on or stain your doctors recommendation! Also review your recommendation and make sure the address used on it matches the ID they said they took it from exactly , if it does not you will need to get a new recommendation from that doctor or get a new ID that reflects the address that they wrote.