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COVID-19 Protocol

To protect our immunocompromised patients and family we are window pick up only

Please Call 580-919-7994 to place an order and schedule a pick up.

Although it may be an inconvenience for some, it is essential to protect the health of us all, please call ahead of arrival so we can have your order bagged and ready for pickup! Your pickup can be completed in just a couple of minutes. We are sanitizing out waiting room between patients 

We are taking every precaution for our patients at this time


We are wearing masks, gloves, and meticulously sanitizing our door and waiting room between patients. We are operating as scheduled window pick-up only, you will need to call or text 580-919-7994 in advance so we can space patients out and prepare your order for the fastest possible visit.

This has been a huge change for us, those who know us know we are a handshake and a hug kinda place. We have immunocompromised family members and patients and are doing everything in our power to continue to serve them and minimize their exposure.

You may wear protective masks and gloves into the dispensary because patients will only have access to our waiting room. Thank you for your understanding of these procedures and we wish everyone to stay safe and strong during these times!